Welcome to Eftelibra Graphics! Here you will find a wide range of graphics for personal use. This site is split into sections for easy navigation.

In the Graphics section, I offer a variety of web sets and interfaces with different themes and styles. This is a rapidly growing section and new sets are added regularly. If you don't want to use a ready made set but would like a textured background, this site has a small selection which come with a matching 'welcome'. Also in the Graphics section you will find Tubes/Image Sprayer graphics, and a few of the fonts I have used in making the sets, which you may need if you wish to add text to the blank buttons :)

Many of the sets here are made from fractals, which are becoming as great a passion as graphics. The fractal galleries feature fractals made with various generators.

My wish is that you enjoy the graphics I offer here as much as I enjoyed creating them. But if you did not find what you were looking for here, check out my Links page, where you will find links to other great graphics sites, and a link to the best tutorial site on the web if you need HTML help!

Happy Browsing!


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